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Serguei Maksimishin
The last empire



Ars et Vita presented for the first time in Brazil the work of Russian photographer Serguei Maximishin, considered one of the greatest names of his generation worldwide, The works of Serguei Maximishin allow the public to know the Russian daily life through a sensitive and objective witness . The 65 photographs that make part of the exhibition "The Last Empire" present the sensitive and complex work of a photographer who portrays his country, through a pointed, courageous and audacious look. Serguei Maximishin presents various facets and aspects of life in post-Soviet Russia, showing the crisis the country faced in the 1990s and the current problems. In this way, "The Last Empire" is an objective, sensitive testimony, endowed with an extremely intelligent mood and devoid of any ideological aesthetics,

Curatorship Luiz Gustavo Carvalho


São Paulo - SP

May 29th untill July 29th of 2018 – CAIXA Cultural

Rio de Janeiro - RJ
August 7th untill October 14th of 2018 - CAIXA Cultural.

Curitiba - PR
December 14th untill March 31st of 2019 - Museu Oscar Niemeyer

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