Founded in 2010, Ars et Vita is an art management company which organizes international cultural events showcasing diverse forms of artistic expressions. Our productions are marked by a high artistic level, a deep curatorial vision and fast, precise and effective execution. This is why Ars et Vita has been carving out a reputation as one of the most respected art management companies in the country, gaining recognition not only in Brazil but also throughout the rest of South America and Europe.

In a strategy marked by its commitment to contributing to the socio-cultural enrichment of the country, whilst also rewarding sponsors and companies involved, we carry out the creation, assemblage and realization of international exhibitions and cultural events on an international level. With the central focus on promoting cultural exchange between Brazil and the rest of the world, we also carry out the analysis of artistic processes and all phases of project management.


Accordingly, Ars et Vita produces, designs and implements projects appropriated to the market, guaranteeing a certain return for companies committed to cultural patronage.

Ars et Vita is much more than just a art management company. It is a new vision of art and culture.




Verger & Carybé: between the two shores of the Atlantic | 2019

Nostalgia of the times of purity - Antanas Sutkus | 2013/2014

A few centimeters from the ground - Arthur Bispo do Rosário | 2016/2017

Closing ceremony of the year Germany+Brazil 2013-2014 | 2014

Zeitkunst - International Contemporary Music and Literature Festival | 2012/2013

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