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Verger & Carybé
between the two shores of the Atlantic



The exhibition Verger & Carybé: between the two shores of the Atlantic presents scenes of everyday life in Yoruba Africa and Bahia through the eyes of Pierre Fatumbi Verger and Carybé. Photographer, ethnologist, anthropologist and babalaô Pierre Verger devoted most of his life to studies on this culture in Africa and Bahia, where he settled in 1946. His books, such as Flux and Reflux and Orixás, and his rich and extensive visual archive are one of the largest researches on this topic in Brazil. Visual artist Carybé was also seduced by the "black Roma", where he ended up installing himself and portrayed for decades, with impressive virtuosity, Bahia´s street life. He also visited Benin twice, having the opportunity to watch and document festivals, beliefs and scenes of daily life on the African continent.

The exhibition invites the public to discover, through photographs, drawings and watercolors of both artists, scenes of striking similarity, portrayed sometimes in the cities of Benin and Nigeria, and sometimes in the streets of Bahia. Thus, the exhibition retraces the route of the slave trade, which linked Benin to Bahia, and addresses a theme of extreme importance in this sad chapter of Brazilian history and of great importance in the formation of the Brazilian people: the cultural hertiage brought to Brazil by the Yoruba people.

Curatorship Luiz Gustavo Carvalho




São José do Rio Preto

March 23 to May 18 of 2019


May 25 to July 27 of 2019


August 3 to September 28 of 2019

São José dos Campos

October 5 to December 7 of 2019



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