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a quarter of century
through the cinema




"Russia: a quarter of a century through the cinema" presented to Brazilian public 16 films of great relevance for the understanding of contemporary Russian society. The program contemplates the cinematographic production realized between 1991, year of the fall of Soviet Union, and the present days. Among the highlights are the first screening of the film "Closeness" (Tesnota), by young filmmaker Kantemir Balagov and winner of the Cannes Film Festival, and a retrospective of filmmaker Aleksey Guerman. The festival exhibited also four documentary films, featuring prominent names from the rich Russian documentary film school, such as Vitaly Mansky and Hanna Pollak. In addition to the films, there was a parallel program with a series of lectures on contemporary Russian cinema, given by one of today's leading experts, the critic and editor-in-chief of the magazine "The Art of Cinema" (Iskusstvo kino) Anton Dolin.


Rio de Janeiro - RJ
September 19th until October 1st of 2017
Caixa Cultural

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