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Festival Artes Vertentes




“In addition to the program, the festival has been working throughout the year with children from the region, making the event itself just the most visible point of a broad project. Therefore, due to the solid conceptual proposal, much more than a mere pretext or suggestion, and to the high-quality realization, Artes Vertentes nowadays is one of the most important events of the Brazilian music calendar.”

João Luiz Sampaio (Estado de São Paulo)


Created in 2012, in the charming Baroque city of TIRADENTES (Minas Gerais, Brazil), Artes Vertentes is a multi-arts festival, intended to offer to the public standout performances in all the artistic languages; it also acts as a platform for communication not only between the artistic aspects, always integrated on a curatorial note, but also among musicians, writers, actors and visual artists of different nationalities.

The festival is held annually, during 11 days in September, presenting a program that seeks excellence. In order to act as a promoter of new opportunities and broaden its legacy, Artes Vertentes develops an educational program in the municipality, performing art workshops throughout the year for hundreds of children, in partnership with public and associative entities.

Exceptionally, in 2020, the Festival took place between November 26th and December 6th. 


Artistic direction Luiz Gustavo Carvalho


Tiradentes - MG

Festival Artes Vertentes 2012

(Curatorial mote: Roads)

September 9th until 23rd

Festival Artes Vertentes 2013

(Curatorial mote: a-Liberty)

September 12th until 22nd

Festival Artes Vertentes 2014

(Curatorial mote: When before becomes after)

September 12th until  21st

Festival Artes Vertentes 2015

(Curatorial mote: Crime and Punishment)

September 10th until  20th

Festival Artes Vertentes 2016

(Curatorial mote: Praise of Folly)

September 8th until 18th

Festival Artes Vertentes 2017

(Curatorial mote: Beliefs)

September 14th until 24th

Festival Artes Vertentes 2018

(Curatorial mote: Tiradentes - universal village)

September 06th until 16th

Festival Artes Vertentes 2019

(Curatorial mote: The last cry before eternal silence)

September 12th until 22th

Festival Artes Vertentes 2020

(Curatorial mote: H2O)

November 26th until December 6th)

Festival Artes Vertentes 2021
(Curatorial mote: H2O)

November 25th until December 5th of 2021 and February 10th until 20th of 2022 

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