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Antanas Sutkus
a free sight



The exhibition “Antanas Sutkus: a free sight” shows for the first time in Latin America the work of one of the greatest contemporary photographers of Eastern Europe.


Born in 1939, the Lithuanian photographer Antanas Sutkus, grew up in a difficult reality. In 1940, when he was only one year old, the Soviet Union annexed his country to the communist bloc, in the middle of World War II. However, even under such adverse conditions, the artist became one of the greatest photographers of his time. The artist ignored the totalitarian ideals imposed by the Soviet regime and accumulated, in more than 40 years, a vast body of work that portrays the simple daily life of his people. Only in 1991, when the independence of his country was officially recognized, could his work finally be fully revealed to the world.

Curatorship Luiz Gustavo Carvalho


Curitiba - PR

February 2 until May 20th of 2012

Museu Oscar Niemeyer


Belo Horizonte - MG

September 27th until November 4 of 2012

Fundação Clóvis Salgado


Salvador - BA

October 10th until November 25th of 2012

CAIXA Cultural


Fortaleza - CE

December 14th until February 9th of 2013

Centro Cultural Correios


São Paulo - SP

March 2 until April 21st of 2013

CAIXA Cultural


Brasília - DF

May 15th until June 30 of 2013

CAIXA Cultural


Rio de Janeiro - RJ

June 18th until July 14th of 2013

Centro Cultural Correios


Recife - PE

December 7th until January 26th 2014 

Centro Cultural Correios

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