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Tabi / Lunaris



TABI is the result of artist Emilie Sugai’s inquiries into the "Japanese / Brazilian body". The starting point is a meeting with the Japanese multi-artist Takao Kusuno, his teachings prompting a quest for the artist’s roots. It is also the result of investigations related to the issues of cultural identity amongst Japanese-Brazilians, as san-sei, granddaughter of immigrants, bringing the Japanese origin inscribed in the body where they mix memories of childhood, origin, ancestors and personal experiences.


Lunaris: the passing world creates an artistic interface between the language of the body and the image of the moon, reflected in the Zen Buddhist poetry of Matsuó Bashô (1644-1694). The appreciation of shadows and obscurity through the 1933 text Praise to Shadow by Junichiro Tanizaki on the Japanese conception of beauty of the archaic world is another source of inspiration and reflection of this solo show.

Creation and conception Emilie Sugai


Belo Horizonte - MG
November 14th and 15th of 2012
Oi Futuro

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