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Chevengur - Andrei Platonov

Chevengur - Andrei Platonov

Tchevengur, the only novel completed by Andrei Platonov, dialectically discusses the Soviet communist utopia: in the 1920s, Aleksandr Dvánov, son of a suicide bomber, and Stepán Kopienkin, accompanied by his rocim Proletarian Force, roam the Russian steppe in search of communist eden and end up in a hallucinating city, Chevengur, where beautiful and possessed human beings conceive the inconceivable paradise. The book, which at the beginning was titled Spring Builders, quixotically projects a world that could have been, sometimes bordering on the absurd when expressing the “ultrarevolutionary” ideas of characters whose contradictions are expressed in their own language, or in the various languages that populate the Platonovian landscape. Tchevengur, written between 1927 and 1929, was only published in its entirety in Russia in 1988 and, since then, it has been appointed as one of the peaks of the production of Andrei Platonov, who, armed with a parodic-poetic and at the same time devastating language, occupies a position unique in Russian literature and universal.


Author:  Andrei Platonov

Translation: Maria Vragova and Graziela Schneider

Preface: Maria Vragova

Cotejo: Francisco de Araújo

Ear: Irineu Franco Perpétuo

Illustration: Svetlana Filippova

Publisher: Ars et Vita

Year: 2021

ISBN 978-85-66122-11-4

Format: 14 x 21 cm

584 pages

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