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People of Lithuania
Antanas Sutkus



The exhibition “People of Lithuania” presents 35 unpublished images that reveal the talent of Antanas Sutkus, considered one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century.


Throughout his career Sutkus paid tribute to his people with the series "People of Lithuania", where the daily life of his co-citizens is the main subject: each individual is photographed with a sense of humanity and without overt dramatization. Instead, his sight brings love and hope to the lives of these people. As the artist himself says: "My creed is to love people".


"People of Lithuania" presented to the public of Sao Paulo images that were restored and enlarged during recent years – the result of intense period of research and restoration by the photographer in his extensive archives.

The exhibition was held in partnership with the General Consulate of Lithuania in Brazil and the Tomie Ohtake Institute.

Curatorship Luiz Gustavo Carvalho


São Paulo - SP

November 12th until January 5th, 2014

Instituto Tomie Ohtake



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