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Guilherme Gontijo Flores and
Daniel Kondo



Coestelário presents a continuous tribute made by the poet Guilherme Gontijo Flores and the illustrator Daniel Kondo during the year 2020 to some of the great losses we had this year, in which many worlds have gone at once.

Through tombs in visual poetry, like the old funerary stelae, which at the same time gave voice and image to the dear and departed person, this exhibition presents 70 stelae, in which the funerary epigram merges with the image, in a game of constellations. It is like that, like a costelário in motion, unfinished, condemned to the incomplete.
It is a gesture of gratitude for the lives that we were able to live thanks to so many people and an invitation to the public that these stelae erected in the exhibition space also serve as a theme for conversations, memories, testimonies, continuities.

curatorship  Luiz Gustavo Carvalho

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Sao Paulo-SP
March 18th to August 28th
house of roses


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